About RespiWin 520

RespiWin 520 is a life support ventilator for use in ICU and in-transit, for invasive and noninvasive ventilation and respiratory monitoring support. Advanced turbine-driven ventilation system proves its ground for any ventilation therapy in any challenging environment or acute situation.

About Innovseed

InnovSeed is a Research & Development company who works to empower those companies who don’t have their own R&D with its technical expertise and analyze problems that reside within the society and industry. Develop cost-effective solutions to overcome the gap between the company and the customer.

About DRC Techno

DRC Techno is a social enterprise, actively engaged in research and development of techno-commercial solutions for trade, industries and society at large. Alongside participating & engaging into activities that ensure the access to education for children who are marginalized or deprived of their basic right to quality education and empowerment.

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